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Waterwise clothing demo

Preparation for a Waterwise Session:

When children are attending a Waterwise session it is very important that they bring the appropriate clothing to school that day. Even on the warmest of days on the beach, it can be cold out on the water, so the following is a list of recommended clothing:

NB: Cotton clothing is not recommended as it becomes cold when wet and dries more slowly.

Long hair should be tied back and it is recommended not to bring any valuables such as watches, earrings etc, as they can easily be lost.

Waterwise will provide wetsuits, sunscreen and buoyancy aids/life jackets.

If a child has a medical condition then the parents need to make sure that they bring any medication they may need with them and that it is passed to the teacher in charge. Parents also need to ensure that the parent help co-ordinator and the Waterwise session leader are aware of anything that may impact the child's participation in the session eg. are they unable to swim, do they suffer from allergies or asthma, do they find it difficult to understand and follow instructions.

Instructors, Parents and Children enjoy a Waterwise session
Waterwise clothing demo

Parent help co-ordinator:

A school may ask parents to volunteer to be a parent help co-ordinator whose role is to:

Depending on the school, the parent help co-ordinator may also be responsible for ensuring there is sufficient transport available to get children to and from the Waterwise session.

At the Waterwise session:

Instructors, Parents and Children enjoy a Waterwise session

Parent helpers are vital to the effective running of a Waterwise session and there are a variety of roles that need parent support:

Onshore help:

Parents may be needed to help on the shore as everyone has to help with the equipment, both getting set up and washing and putting away at the end of the session.

On the water help:

Parents may be required to help children in the water and help children get into and out of the boats.

Parents may be asked if they are comfortable with being in a kayak or a parent help may asked to be in a patrol boat as crew. The Waterwise instructor will be the skipper, controlling the patrol boat and the parent will be given clear instructions as to what is required of them on the water.

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